Below is a list of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive.

Do I have to buy different sizes for everyone?

No, there is a buckle combination that will adjust to most neck sizes.  For persons with large or small necks (as with children) the Velcro® can be used

What is your return policy?

If you would like to return your Comfort-Cape and it is not damaged, we will refund your payment (excluding shipping & handling) if you return your cape within 30 days of your purchase date.  Please contact us if you would like to return your cape.
If you refuse acceptance of the shipment, we may be charged a return fee and shipping fee from the shipping service.  These fees will be deducted from your refund.

Does the Comfort-Cape have a warranty?

The Comfort-Cape™ is constructed of durable, soft and highly flexible materials. Since they are hand-made, minor differences may be noticed. With frequent use, your cape will soften even more than it is already. This will not affect the performance. Some users have claimed the Comfort-Cape™ works better with age.
When used according to instructions, the Comfort-Cape™ is warranted for one year from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. Your Comfort-Cape™ will be repaired or replaced at our option.  Please keep a copy of your receipt as proof-of-purchase.

What does your company do with the information they collect on me?

Your information is kept private and is not given or sold to any other companies.  We may contact you from time to time with important information or offers, but you always have the option to be removed from these lists.  We do not have access to your credit card information once it is processed through our shopping cart.  Any credit card information that we collect through a phone or mail order is destroyed after your credit card transaction is processed.

Is the Velcro® on wrong, the two strips are facing each other?

No.  The strips are supposed to face each other.  When adding the Velcro® strips (one of our most requested enhancements),  we performed many trial and error tests to discover what was the best way to secure the strips together.  The best method is not the standard method that most people are familiar with performing.  Learn How to Apply the Velcro Strips

Can I use the cape for perms and color?

Yes, just make sure the cape is wet first.

Will the cape show soap scum?

Anything will show a build up of soap, when this happens simply power rinse the cape with your sprayer and the soap build up should come off.

How will I clean the cape?

Although your warranty will not replace your cape when cleaned using a washing machine, some customers have said they wash well (hand washing is recommended).  A disinfectant spray is also a good way to sanitize your cape.

Does it work on people who lean forward?

Yes.  If the person getting their hair washed is able to see the ceiling you should be able to use the Comfort-Cape™.  When needing to shampoo those with severe scoliosis you are attempting to make water flow uphill.  Using a towel against the forehead, lower the water pressure, aim the sprayer toward the sink and away from the face.  This will help control some of the water.

Can I use the Comfort Cape on myself?

Recently a user wrote us saying "I hook it and turn it around.  I use a cup and wash my hair in the bathtub.  I like that I stay dry and do not have to use a lot of towels to sop up the water."  The cape was designed for a second person to shampoo the hair.  Not knowing the physical condition of each user it is hard to determine if one person can shampoo their own hair while using the Comfort Cape.  The cape has never been tested for one person use, not to say each person's individual ingenuity may make it possible.