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All Comfort-Capes™ are made of water-resistant fabric with a second water-proof layer for added protection and foam rubber sides.  Buckle fasteners are secured with elastic for added comfort or the Velcro® strips can be used to assure proper fit for the small or large neck.  

The highly flexible cape can be manipulated and contorted in any direction to meet a large variety of needs (e.g., all types of wheel-chair bound individuals) and helps relieve back strain for the care giver.  It was created out of a need to make shampooing hair easier for herself and relieve the pain and discomfort created by the products that were available.

Dimensions: 25 inches long x 23 inches wide (60 cm x 55 cm),
However, the cape is soft which allows the cape width to narrow to accomodate smaller sinks.


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