Colors:  Black, Royal Blue and Burgundy

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The Comfort-Cape has been available for purchase since 1996. 

It was
Created by...
A licensed hairdresser with over 30 years of experience in salons and managed healthcare facilities.  It was created out of a need to make shampooing hair easier for herself and relieve the pain and discomfort created by the products that were available.

Real-World Tested...
Prior to selling the Comfort-Cape™, it was tested in a salon environment (an estimated 16,000 shampoos) and has surpassed all expectations.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship...
The Comfort-Cape™ is made of water-resistant fabric with an added layer of flexible plastic for added water protection.  The foam rubber sides are also enclosed in the water-resistant fabric and help to support the cape's shape and direct water flow.  Two sets of buckle fasteners are secured with elastic for added comfort or the Velcro® strips can be used to assure a proper fit for a small or large neck.  

The soft, highly flexible cape can be manipulated and contorted to meet a large variety of needs.  It will allow most people to have their hair shampooed while sitting upright in any chair.  The length of the cape should reach most sinks or basins for the water to empty


Cape Dimensions:

25 inches long x 23 inches wide
(60 cm long  x 55 cm wide)



All Capes are
Made in the USA

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SINCE 1996