Read what customers say about using The Comfort-Cape...

"I bought the cape to make my job easier with residents.  
I'm extremely happy with the comfort-cape."  

Myrtle Beach, SC

"I have been using a garbage bag for 8 years.  Finally, someone thought about the elderly and disabled.  Thank you!"  

Berwick, PA

"It is a wonderful item.  Makes working so much easier and more comfort for the client."  

Webster, MA

"Bought it cause I needed something EASY, SAFE, something to keep the client and floor dry."  

Donaldson, IN

"When the Comfort-Cape was used at the salon to wash my hair it was so much easier and pleasant to get my hair washed and that is why I wanted one for my home." 

Kennesaw, GA

"A big help in the salon."  

New Orange, NJ

"Really like the softness and way water drains."  

Springfield, MO

"I have 70+ elderly, I work four days a week with the average of 12 a day for shampoo, sets and six perms a week.  I have been trying to improvise but this works - We need more people or companies to make handicapped equipment."  

Donaldsville, IN

"I love the Comfort-Cape, it is a wonderful product and it is very comfortable on the patient's neck.  Thank you."  

Evergreen Park, IL

"Have used my own creation and needed a new one."  

Seattle, WA

"It works great - My thanks to the hairdresser that invented it."   

Hot Springs, VA

"Very pleased.  When in a nursing home for therapy, the hairdresser there had one and gave me your brochures.  I cannot lean over so this is perfect!  I am on oxygen and my daughter does my hair at home." 

Rome, NY

"Works very well."  

Caribou, ME

"Works well with my clients." 

North Ft. Meyers, FL

"You did good."  

Tampa, FL


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